The best parks in Ankara

John Doa
John Doa

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Last updated on January 06, 2024, At 02:23 AM ET

Posted on January 06, 2024, At 02:23 AM ET

When you are on a tourist trip in Turkey, you will find nature and green spaces calling to you in the parks of Ankara, to find yourself among fragrant flowers, the magic of nature, and more fun activities that can be practiced. To win a meal. Ankara has a large group of parks that are distinguished by the diversity of plants, the provision of services and the possibility of practicing various recreational activities for all ages, from children to adults, and more green spaces, so we recommend some of the best Ankara parks that are worth your visit. The best parks in Ankara are Kugulu Cenglik Park. Youth Park Goksu Park Segmenler Park Dikmen Valley Park Vadisi Jose Martí. Lausanne Park Ismet Inonu Park Wadi Lamour Vadisi Park Heydar Aliyev Park

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