Headbands, bows and barrettes: the passion for hair accessories is back!

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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 05:45 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 05:45 PM ET

The desire for hair accessories has been in the air for a while and this season has removed all doubts! On the autumn winter 2021/22 catwalks, hair accessories were shown in all their forms: more or less rounded headbands, barrettes, clips with anagrams and acronyms, bandanas... In short, the desire for accessories returns to our hair look ; and here's how to be perfectly fashionable in this leap into the past!

Stars and hair accessories

The headband had already returned to being in high demand after being shown off by Kate Middleton . The Duchess of Cambridge has entrusted various hairstyles to the headband , even in formal situations such as Archie's baptism. Instead, Beatrice Borromeo prefers the rounded velvet headband, showing it off in countless situations too. Anya Taylor Joy on the other hand, for the promotion of her latest film,  Last Night in Soho (out in Italy on 4 November) did not give up any accessories: on different occasions, she showed up with a pale pink satin bow , with a headband edged with rhinestones or with the classic Sixties wand . Chiara Ferragni also showed several hair accessories on her Instagram, especially the beautiful decor clips .

The hair accessory trends for autumn 2021

Hair accessories give an extra touch to every style: there are so many possibilities to choose from that there is always the right accessory for every style and every occasion. Without forgetting that they are a fantastic help to get to the end of the day with your hair still in order!

But what are the coolest accessories for this autumn?

  • Hair clips are absolutely the most seen on the catwalks: from those with pearls (always much appreciated by brides) to those with initials (also in the clasp version combined with a low ponytail like Laura Biagiotti ). Endless new versions of barrettes , truly for all styles and all ages (as well as for all budgets).
  • Bandanas and scarves are back as protagonists: from Dior to Max Mara , endless versions and binding styles. Not to mention that this accessory can also help if you haven't had time to shampoo or on the windiest winter days to always have your hair in order.
  • The headband is absolutely the protagonist of even the most elegant occasions: from the version with pearls to the more rounded one, it is absolutely adaptable to any wardrobe.

What is our advice for you? Free your imagination and try! Hair accessories, if we exclude the most particular or designer pieces, also have a cost that allows us to have a good supply of them, for every mood and every color of our wardrobe!

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