Al Hilal negotiations with Ruben Neves

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Last updated on December 30, 2023, At 02:12 AM ET

Posted on December 30, 2023, At 02:12 AM ET

According to some press reports, Al Hilal Club is in talks with Wolverhampton player, Ruben Neves.

It is worth noting that Ruben Neves' name has recently been linked to joining Barcelona, ​​especially after Sergio Busquets' departure from the Catalan team at the end of the last season.

The newspaper “Marca” reported in a report that Ruben Neves, who is one of Barcelona’s main targets this summer to compensate for the loss of Sergio Busquets, has received an attractive offer from the Saudi club Al-Hilal.

The newspaper indicated that Neves' contract with Wolverhampton will expire at the end of next season, 2024, but the greatest possibility indicates that he may leave during the current summer transfer period.

“Marca” added in its report that the strong offer made by Al Hilal Saudi Arabia made the player think seriously about experimenting with the Asian leader.

The Spanish newspaper indicated that Barcelona have not yet made their decision regarding the Neves deal, but it is certain that they have other priorities to strengthen the team’s midfield.

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